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  1. roid gut

    I HEAR alot of talk about todays pro all have Gh/roid gut.. i cant see it... can some post pics pleas

  2. Just look at ronnie coleman he appears to have a turtle logged under his skin. Compare that to the vacuum poses of old bodybuilders and you will the realize the phenomenon
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  3. yeah, old school bb's look alien the way they could suck in their stomachs, Dalsim from SF would be jealous...

  4. The extended guts are not the result of roids, because face it, Arnold and all the old guys of the golden era were on roids and did not come to the stage with extended guts. The issue is more closely related to the use of HGH, IGF, and Insulin. The use of HGH and IGF started to become prominent around the same time as the extended stomachs began to make their appearance. Supposedly a high percentage of IGF receptors are found within the stomach and the intestines. Insulin is also to blame. Here is a quote from a thread on another forum about the same issue, "INSULIN is the cause of distended stomachs, because pros have to eat a lot of carbs to offset their higher than normal insulin production. "This constant pounding of carbohydrates and intercellular fat storage cause the distended look."

    Like said before look at any of today's pros. You never see anyone doing the old vacuum poses anymore. Why? Because they cant! Just look through pictures of today's pros. Whenever they aren't consciously sucking in their guts then it's obvious.

  5. its all GH guts..look at ronnies pix in 2001 then look at his stomach in 2005 there is a big difference. look at even gustavo badell he has a def gh gut and king kamali

  6. King Kamali should stop pro bb'ing. He's been around longer than some of the top guys now and still looks like crap everytime he competes.

  7. thats true reaper but i dont think he will retire soon plus he always does a little dancing routine

  8. YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.

    King Kamali's gut is so thick he barely has a 'V' taper.

    He has a cool posing routine like Melvin Anthony, but his genetics are not top material. He's been a pro for how long ?

    Phil Heath/Dennis Wolf are already surpassing him easily.

  9. o fuk yea dennis and them are passing him..if you look at older pix of king he had a nice V tape but now i think he just does it for fun?? **** who noes but he should be retiring soon

  10. his conditioning is terrible thats his problem. he really dosent achieve that dry hard look like most other guys. and yea his gut is out of control his waiste must be 38-40 inches.

    as for the guts its a mix of high doses of HGH, insulin, and overeating. the igf or insulin and carb loading will cause severe intestinal bloating. its just like carbing up, your stomach sticks out and gets big as hell. do it for a few years it gets bigger and bigger.

  11. Kamali is too invested in bb'ing. Even if he were to stop being a professional bb'er, he'd still have to do something within the realm of it.

    It is kinda late for him to make a significant career change and start from scratch without heavily sacrificing pay.

    If you look at MuscleMemory - The Internet Bodybuilding Database

    that shows every bb'ers placings. His really haven't been too impressive since he started bb'ing.

    Furthermore, Kamali dosen't have anything too impressive at all.

    Melvin Anthony's conditioning isn't great but he's got a really tiny waist.

    Ronnie Coleman's got a fat stomach, but he's still got sorta a 'V' taper, plus his muscle genetics are incredible.

    Kamali. Poor conditioning, fat gut, average muscle appearance, OK size. Nothing too special. He's just wasting drugs/money and his own health for nothing, IMO.

    The same exact thing can be said about Craig Titus as well.

    I think he's worked with Chad Nichols and supposed some new guru every single time and keeps saying he's gonna destroy the competition (which he dosen't), then blames x,y,z. It is very typical.

  12. Quote Originally Posted by pmiller383 View Post
    Just look at ronnie coleman he appears to have a turtle logged under his skin. Compare that to the vacuum poses of old bodybuilders and you will the realize the phenomenon
    i thought that was from alot of ab work....

  13. Quote Originally Posted by Brolic View Post
    i thought that was from alot of ab work....

    damnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn son.

  14. ahah... must be some crazy ab routine.

  15. haha 500 lb ab crunches. 5x5.

  16. I saw a Video of Dennis Wolf in April (o8)doing some posing . his stomach had gotten bigger than an appearance in 2007. hopefully it's just off-season and hopefully he keeps his nice small waist. APR50 50 % off
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  17. im pretty sure he will keep his waist small since thats basically why he gets so high in placing

  18. I'm pretty sure he won't cuz he already has a big one and all the bodybuilders today are stupid using GH/Insulin and peptides.

    This is bodybuilding, not freakbuilding.

  19. That gut is disgusting. Is the whole gut thing reversible when you go off the GH?

  20. try asking Gustavo ^^^ i dont think so

  21. I doubt it.. the growth hormone inlarges your organs which is a big reason in why it happens.

  22. if gustavo didnt have a gh gut, his physique would be pretty sick

  23. Can you get rid of it?!?!
  24. roid gut

    Quote Originally Posted by southern211 View Post
    Can you get rid of it?!?!
    EPIC 7yr old thread bump...

    And first post! Double whammy!
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