NY Pro Results?

  1. NY Pro Results?

    anyone know the results?

  2. You're a little ahead of yourself there cheif, it's not until Saturday.. When I get home from the show I'll let you know.

  3. once I find out from my crystal ball I'll let you know!

  4. ha! what an ass!!!!!!!! 5/10, 5/3 a slight difference!!!!!!!!

  5. hurry up saturday kuz i wat 2 effing know!

  6. Hey guys, where are the details about this? Like the address and what time everything is happening?

  7. Those tickets are expensive.. Might even be cost prohibitive of me.

  8. Overall
    1. Kai Green
    2. Kevin English
    3. Ronny Rockel

    Under 202
    1. Kevin English
    2. Dave Henry
    3. Jason Arnts

    Looks like Kai definitely brought his A game. There's plenty of pictures and other information here: Bodybuilding.com - Bodybuilding Contests - 2008 IFBB New York Pro Main Page.


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