NY Pro?

  1. NY Pro?

    The New York Pro is coming up here soon on May 10th. It looks like Kai Greene is definitely the favorite going into this one, as it appears Ben White is his biggest competition. Anyone going to be there?

  2. not going. But ill be standing by the next day on MD as they are covering it. Yes, Kai is looking like someone higher up there. BUT, his gut grew some and that worries me. He just guest posed about 3 weeks ago....

  3. Yea I saw a video from his guest posing. It was the gayest thing I've ever seen. There was a scaffold on the back of the stage and he proceeded to climb it and hump it the entire time. Usually I enjoy his "different" style of posing, but not that time. Anyways, I'm sure Kai will easily walk away with the title at the NY Pro. As far as his gut, he definitely let it go a little bit and it showed at the Arnold, but according to Kai he has been working on it and has made very nice improvements regarding his gut. So it will be interesting to see how he looks at this show.

  4. I'm most likely going.

  5. I saw greene last year at the Keystone classic. Had a good posing routine. Where is there a list of competitors?

  6. Kai is a different kind of poser, I do like Ben White however, very solid throughout
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  7. Overall
    1. Kai Green
    2. Kevin English
    3. Ronny Rockel

    Under 202
    1. Kevin English
    2. Dave Henry
    3. Jason Arnts

    Looks like Kai definitely brought his A game. There's plenty of pictures and other information here: Bodybuilding.com - Bodybuilding Contests - 2008 IFBB New York Pro Main Page.

  8. Glad to see Arntz do well......

  9. Quote Originally Posted by holyintellect View Post
    Glad to see Arntz do well......
    I for one really like the addition of the under 202 class. It takes some of the emphasis off of the mass monsters and rewards more aesthetically pleasing builds, such as Arntz's. To be honest I didn't know much about him before this show, but I really like his build and judging by the pictures, I liked the physique he brought to the stage better than Kevin English's, but as we all know pictures definitely don't tell the whole story in bodybuilding competitions.

  10. kevin english looks big for under 202, very impressive. although i was dumbfounded by kai green AGAIN. at the arnold he amazed me and again at the nypro. hes got some of the sickest leg striations ive ever seen.

  11. Henry didn't look as sharp as he usually does.


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