I'm going to myfirst show

  1. I'm going to myfirst show

    Im going to my first show on sat with my freinds..

    its seems like the event is just way tooo long

    prejudging starts at 1pm and the 7show is at 7pm.. thats at least 7hrs..

  2. Im going to look at the light heavies... get a idea of their size/height and etc

    whats happens atthe prejuding?

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Brolic View Post
    whats happens atthe prejuding?
    You are read your rights, and given a lawyer if you cannot afford one

  4. so i need a lawyer?


  5. its exactly what it says. Usually no pose down, no free pose, no free routines...They come in. 1/4, 1/4, 1/4, 1/4, rear DB L calf spike, Front double bi, side chest, side tricep, abs, etc....

    Just get there a hour or 2 before the "show" pending the events surrounding it, food, mags, supp companies there?
    If you are tryint to get and idea of size and such to see if you wanna compete, you need to go to pre-judging. Thats when they look the best and not to tired. Like you said, its a long day and most of them are on about 20-30g carbs from 2 days ago....

    What show?
    Have fun.

  6. Like I said in your other thread, the show doesn't last from 1-7. The prejudging starts at 1 and when that's over, people leave and then come back for the night show which starts at 7. The night show can be long as shiit though, depending on how many competitors there are in the show.

  7. NJ NPC, APRIL 26

    do they give out the weight and height?

  8. Quote Originally Posted by Brolic View Post
    NJ NPC, APRIL 26

    do they give out the weight and height?
    They didn't publicly give out any weights at my show(that I know of). I'm not even sure if I gave them my height. It was probably somewhere in the registration paperwork but they don't really do anything with it.


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