Kai Green's penis in a grapefruit ?

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  1. bump, first time hearing about this while looking up his new dvd, NO FRUIT INVOLVED IN THE NEW ONE

  2. I worked with a guy who was half German and half Black, him and his older brother had the best genetics i've ever seen. Because of the choices they made, they're not known. the older brother is in prison. The younger, used to make money going home with some of our customers. 3somes him, the husband and wife. I always thought the husband just watched. NAIVE. I ran into him a while later and he said he moved in wirh a vp of a bank that was paying for his gym stuff. I figured oh well, do what ya gotta do. A few years later I saw him and his daughter at the mall, and he introduced me to his boyfriend since he came out of the closet. You could still see his potential evn though he was sucked up and haven't worked out in 3 years. I wish he would've just banged grapefruit and continued lifting. Don't need to know the rest.

  3. We know kai is a carnivore guys, hed rather stick it in a roasted chicken

  4. Not exactly what I have in mind when talking about getting pumped

  5. Times is tough

  6. Yeah. I've seen it about a year ago. It's 2-3 minutes of him caressing a grapefruit then breaking it in half with his **** and licking his hands. Kind of amusing and exactly the silly porno shoot I would expect of Kai. I feel like this may negatively influence his career though.

  7. On cycle I'd prolly do the same :P

    Anyway I don't see why its such a big deal
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  8. I agree I do not think its a big deal. A lot of people hate on him for it but during tough times I am sure most people would do the same.


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