Aspartame and other Sweeteners for food

  1. Aspartame and other Sweeteners for food

    Hey guys. I'm wondering what you think about starting to use aspartam. Like in some of the foods, to get something for the sweet tooth here and there.
    As I can drink Coke Zero during my cut, I want to be able to add some sweeteners to my coffe, maybe to some other things like oatmeal or other foods. Maybe bake with 1:1 sweeteners instead of sugar! (I never bake).
    What I know is that Coke Zero for instance has an amount of aspartame in it, that you'd need to drink 9 cans or so, to get to the danger zone (or actually outside the EU recommendations) per day basis. So 9 cans each day should be fine, which is ridicoulusly much and insane, but what I'm saying is, all sweeteners might not be that bad, and we maybe should take advantage of them more ofter? Any ideas? I mean "sweeteners are not good!" but sugars themselves are definately not good and are behind several diseases etc.

  2. You are a ignorant dumbfounded idiot. Aspartame? Need i say more...

    People like you deserve to suffer, as I see a combination of apathy and arrogance with far too many. And any moron who tried to refute fact and empircal evidence ling known and wide spread, that being, aspartame is "blah blah ok" is just another naive laughable fool who fell for the old false statistics/studies pumped out by the biggest cults to be reckoned with--pharmaceutical and agricultural.

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