The Rage-X Powerlifting Shirt For Serious Bodybuilders

  1. The Rage-X Powerlifting Shirt For Serious Bodybuilders

    Behold, the latest benching shirt creation that is a cut above all the other power lifting shirts in the world, the Rage-X. The Rage-X is an awesome power-lifting shirt that is helping bodybuilders throw up massive bench pressing numbers. This lifting shirt is a step above all of the round-sleeve designed bench shirts because of its obvious quality and effectiveness, and is the most kick-butt poly bench shirt in the history of weight lifting.

    The following will list some of the countless reasons why the Rage-X shirt destroys the competition. It begins with the extra-reinforced front shoulder seams design that add support and security for unbelievable lifts. The shirts also boast a thicker, extra-reinforced neck, as well as several contours built into the pattern of the shirt, complementing the radical Rage-X design.

    “Solid Seam” technology, which keeps the sleeves where they are supposed to be, preventing them from riding up on the arm. The “Solid Seam” enables the shirt to work in unison with the body, hindering the possibility of jittery or faltering movement with the bar. The “Solid Seam” system will prove to increase your bench press and keep your maximum bench press attempts safe— a statement justified through numerous world records.

    Another state of the art technology used to design this shirt is the “Stretchy-Back,” that makes the Rage-X more effective and easier to put on and get off. It allows the shirt to mold to the body of the wearer, promoting an immediate custom-fit. The fitting adjustments of the “Stretchy-Back” provide the effect of an “open-back” but with a back that is completely enclosed. The Stretchy-Back fabric also breathes easier, creating comfort.
    Rage-X dives into new territory to discover paths to unbelievable results to ensure the success of this weightlifting shirt. Our company wants to make sure you are continuously amazed at how much you can bench press when using this shirt. Bodybuilders regularly report how much easier the bench-press has become for them because of this incredible bench press shirt. Understand that it will take time to get accustomed to the feel of the shirt and the gradual increase of weight you will lift, but it will not take long to gain strength while increasing weight. Your confidence will improve, as will your results from one training session to the next.

    The Rage-X bench shirt is for those who want an immediate step up to a new stratosphere of bench press power because it employs a more aggressive design than any other company knows how to make. Designing the best lifting shirt is not only about sleeve angle, it is about implementing numerous details to create a cumulative effect that is undeniably the best in the business.
    An option exists for a double-layered Rage-X shirt to increase the longevity and comfort of the bench shirt. The single-layer is also available for specific competition restrictions. Our company can absolutely guarantee that you will bench press more with the Rage-X shirt than wearing any other round-sleeve bench shirt on the market.

  2. I didnt know bodybuilders were using bench shirts.
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