How do you prepare for a show?

  1. Thumbs up How do you prepare for a show?

    I was putting together my menu for the week today and planning out my gym routine for the week and suddenly it hit me, does everyone do this? Every Sunday I write out my calorie intake for the week (trying to put on another 20 pounds) so that I can be sure to get in all my food. I make all my food, package it and mark that as complete. Next it is my gym and supplement schedule.

    I am prepping for a show in July however I do this even when I am not prepping. How do you guys prepare your week or do you?
    Sean Mickle
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  2. im the same way I cook food few days at the time, food shop about 2x a week. I always have my meals set up cant do restaurant all the time maybe some of the time i go for an outside meal. THe amount of food I eat I'll go broke, besides I hate that food anyway they make it taste ok but not nutritional from a bodybuilding stand point.
    AS for as the gym is concerned I got it all memorized weights/reps/sets. It's second nature to me.

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