old or new?

  1. old or new?

    I started bodybuilding in 81, i used to do lee Haneys routine, then when Dorian was on his olympia run i started the one bodypart a day (his) routine. Yesterday while looking at past mr. O"s from Larry Scott to Phi Heath, seeing Frank Zanes vacuum pose, theres not 1 boxybuilder today that could do a vacuum pose due to distended guts from gh. Phil Heath is the most symmetrical mr.o in recent memory. My question to you is which do you prefer massive and blocky (Jay Cutler) or more symetry.?

  2. Pretty sure Zane's nickname was, "the chemist"
    He never prided himself on being huge, (I think his arms were like 17") his shtick was to be the statue or The Farnese Hercules with perfect proportions.

    Sergio Oliva "The Myth" in the day was a true awe inspiring huge BBer and had some good strength to back it up.
    Columbu too was an ex oly lifter and boxer.
    Leroy Colbert was another large individual but still looked to some extent, human.

    While it is true that they used drugs way back in the 50's maybe even 40's, the stuff used now, goes way beyond what some of the top guys used and looked like back then.
    It seems more now, guys are described as cattle. :-0

  3. symetry over blocky look

    but i would say i prefer dexters shape over phils....i think he's more symetrical

    personally i think the 212 class is where it's at, just not enough shows and doesn't get the attention it needs
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  4. I think they have gotten way to big!! I liek the old school BodyBuilders!!

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