Hi there,

I've been a gym user for around 10 years now but on and off due to many reasons, I was 17.11 stone just before Xmas and I got to the stage I needed to trim down before I bulk up again becsuse even though I was eating healthy the weight I had before would not dissapear. I'm now 16 stone trimmed down and everything so now I'm ready to put mass size on and rebuild the healthy way. I've already sorted my meals out, training and everything else so I will now go through the things I'm going to do and take and hopefully you will give me good professional ideas and info of the gains I will or can make.
12 week cycle
Porridge and pro mass shake
Chicken and lentils/rice or couscous 100g and broccoli/greenbeans 4 times a day every 3 hours
2 more pro mass shakes around workout time and before bed
They are my set meals and nothing else
6 litres of pure water and no other drink
4 creatine ethyl ester capsules before/after workout
30mg dbol a day
30ml test 400 a week 3days mon wed fri
30ml deca same as above
There the items I'm going to take and food and drink I will consume and there the only things I will take in the 12 weeks.
I'm basically wanting to see the exact gains and differences I see in myself and what people can gain and look like if they put there minds to it. I will still train the same after this and eat the same and so on I just want to base it on the 12 week outcome to start with..
I'm a good trainer and I will train am hour a day 5 days a week the cardio for 30mins after. I will sleep around 8 hrs a night and if needed to know I'm a joiner/ kitchen/ bedroom fitter for my work so as you can see I'm very active.

I'm making sure I make all measurements or muscle areas and also taking pictures prior and post the 12 weeks I'm doing so this will also hopefully show me a big change??

I'm male
I put on size really easy especially with steroids so hopefully all this information gives the true bodybuilders help and info to give me answers to my main question...WHAT MUSCLE GAIN AND SIZE WILL I GET OR SHOULD EXPECT IN THIS VERY STRICT 12 WEEK CYCLE.......

Thankyou for your time and information