The Best Exercises For Muscle Building

  1. The Best Exercises For Muscle Building

    When people want to find out how to build muscle there is usually one question they want to ask more than any other. Which exercises are best for getting bigger?

    If you are ready to learn the facts you are in the correct place.

    If you pull out your current training plan in front of you right now you'll be able to see any potential flaws which have been holding back your progress recently. The most common of these flaws is to spend too long performing small isolation movements rather than the bigger exercises which yield more overall results.

    If you are chasing a quicker return for your efforts in the gym leave behind your existing routine and try our advice for a month or two.

    Sometimes in order to reach your destination faster you have to go back to basics. The old school techniques which have stood the test of time and still return quality results when applied correctly. I am talking of course about compound exercises.

    Despite the massive scientific advancements we have made in sports and fitness over the last few decades the best exercise for building a bigger chest is still a bench press. The best exercise for building overly wide lats is still a pull up.

    Your routine should be based around these big multiple joint movements. Swap out the twenty minutes you used to spend working the lower part of your forearm, you don't need it if your goal is overall size. Once you have a routine based around the principles of compound exercises, you are ready to see some results.

    So how much weight do you need to lift to get bigger? While everybody's strength is different there is in fact a simple little concept you can use to get the answer for you. Your rep range needs to aim into your hypertrophy zone for maximum results. So that means performing eight-to-twelve repetitions of an exercise. If you can't hit eight it is too heavy, once you can reach twelve it's becoming too light.

    Although very simple, that rule will keep you pushing for new progress and continually lifting more on your big lifts.

    Sure, you could spend three hours in the gym every day working every single part of your body if you want to. But you want results, right? The easiest way to do that is base your efforts on the exercises which are going to give you the size you're after.

    Don't forget to rest, too. There is nothing wrong with having days off from training in fact we encourage you to do so because this is when your body grows. Your muscles need time to repair and recover, which happens both when you rest and when you sleep.

    This routine will help you to learn the basic rules of how to build muscle and help you to push beyond the level you have already achieved. You may be surprised by it's simplicity, but you will be impressed by it's results. As a personal trainer I have seen it first hand.

  2. good solid advice.
    One thing I could add is that the 8-12rep range should be more like 4-15. Some ppl respond better to 4-6 rep range and some 10-15.
    Going to the entire rep range is a safe and prudent way of covering all bases.

  3. I like to start every workout with a heavy low rep compound movement, then do 3 to 4 exercises after that in the 8 to 15 range, this way you have all your bases covered

  4. Anything is a star complex seems to be well rounding for me. I start with heavy loads at partial reps for low low reps then move up i preps and dropping weight while also switching the grip or hand placement to work muscle ignored during my regular workouts.

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  5. Thanks aminer for this great information. Your advice is powerful and beneficial. All these exercises are good for muscles building. I will keep this information in my mind.

  6. Try Super sets

    Super set is a pair of exercises that work opposing muscle groups back to back. This intensifying technique is a way to increase total work performed within the same exercise period, as opposed to a conventional weight training.
    you are what you eat!

  7. Good post

  8. I do thousands of pushups a day which gives me the biggest triceps in my state Lol

  9. Isn't this info kind of common sense? haha And strangely enough, people shy away from the big lifts because "I'm not trying to get big, I'm trying to get cut" when the muscle you would put on from the big lifts would make you leaner from a calorie expenditure point. Sets of 6 do some mean things for your metabolic rate.
    It's Bea, fcker. Bea Mother****ing Arthur.

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  10. That is all good stuff and especially the big 5-7 exercises. However, you cannot forget or downplay a very important component of doing that work to gain in your highest mass and strength potential especially naturally) and that is the exercise of eating enough while you are doing this work.


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