ifbb is comp's are alot like the boxing biz.

  1. ifbb is comp's are alot like the boxing biz.

    i looked at the pics from the harford europa...all i can say is more than a few times this season ive seen dudes win on all the un-due hype around them....ive seen (IMO) last place finishers that should have been top 3 or better....this is a great sport but a shady business. Look for yourself guys and let me know what ya think.....i seen the rip off at flexonline.

  2. There are alot of politics on the IFBB. I know my history of bodybuilding and I do know that there has been many bodybuilders w/ great physiques that should of won and never did (Mr.O)

  3. (Cough) Flex (cough)
    Go hard. Go heavy. Never stop.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Doss
    (Cough) Flex (cough)
    LoL.. (Cough) Gaspari (cough)

  5. Mike Mentzer

  6. didn't mike and his bro take a big hit for arnold??

  7. I used to keep up with it for years and even back in the arnold days it became a popularity contest and they controlled who won and do they think people really believe they drug test??? I don't even follow it anymore.

  8. we see who they (the promoters) want to see...lol yesterday i was asking my ol'lady "we haven;t see jason huh,or ol'boy from africa. so i started looking online for a mag that wasn't flex related. theres like 25 mags out there....gonna find one thats not so ......one sided

  9. I'm a huge Arnold fan....but in 1980 Mentzer should have won...well, lets call it the joe weider maffia...

  10. I totally agree

  11. Im a big Arnold fan. He put this sport on the map buttttttt yeah 1980 Olympia Arnold looked like crap and he even said in a documentary of him preparing for the Olympia that he didn't have the confidence he used to have when going on stage. He said he felt embarassed just being in a speedo on stage

  12. even though he did't look his best....I would kill to look like he did in 1980...hahaha

  13. How about Shawn Ray....he was pretty amazing too....


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