5 x5

  1. 5 x5

    Interested in people who have done 5 x 5 workouts. Comments? Results?

  2. As a whole body routine, it's a great workout. I went from doing 5 day splits to 3 day whole body 5x5 and after the first three weeks all my lifts had significantly increased. It's great for size and strength gains.

  3. Nice! I have a hard time not goin 5 a week. All in the head. What were your workouts

  4. Back squat
    Front squat
    Push press
    High pull
    Bench press
    Barbell row (alternate with weighted pull ups)

    And depending on how I'm feeling after I'll add in 5 sets of curls, dips, and 3 sets of calves.

    I've recently started to super set some of the exercises for the sake of time and for a little change in my workout. I also change up whether I'm using barbells vs dumbbells on a weekly basis. On alternating days I'll do HIIT for only 10 min to avoid over training my legs followed by abs. I've experimented with whole body vs upper body/Lower body 5x5 and I def like whole body better seems to work better for me

  5. They are great . Like said above the strengh reall does come on fast. leaves me "deeply" tierd afterwards and hungry as hell lol

  6. Nice I think il give it a shot with the HIIT as well.


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