RIP Steve Michalik - Icon in the industry

  1. RIP Steve Michalik - Icon in the industry

    RIP Steve!

    I grew up with Steve's son on long island. I remember seeing Steve Sr... kinda why I started working out!

    He will be missed.

    For those who dont know (how could you be on this site and not know?!?!)

    Steve Michalik is a bodybuilder most active during the 1970s and 80's. He won a number of titles including the 1971 AAU Mr. USA, the Mr. America in 1972 and the NABBA Mr. Universe in 1975 as well as 22 other titles including the 1971 AAU Mr. Apollo and the Most Muscular Man in the USA
    Log of EPIC by FRL -

  2. Wow...I am a LI'er as well. He was a friend of a friend in the Nassau county area. So sad to hear this
    Mr. Supps Board Rep

  3. Sorry for your loss guys. I didn't know him personally but remember reading about him.

    RIP Steve

  4. I dont know Steve as well but my prayers go out to his family and loved ones! RIP

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