1. triceps

    Hey guys been training for a while now am on pro hormones. I habe fat to get rid of still. Anyway my question is. How to get the best out of every workout chest tris arms etc. I wanna see max results. Some advice would be nice

  2. i would suggest a clean diet and train hard! not go into the gym for half hour. punish the muscles for a hour and a half two hours. Continue to change between your volume and rep ranges. Always keep your body guessing my friend. Um also if you are looking to improve your triceps try close grip bench on flat bench over and under hand grip as well as on the decline bench

  3. Whatever exercises you want to do (you choose) Do FOUR SETS of 20reps and lift heavy. Try to do 4-5 exercises per muscle group. That's my training

  4. Chest: Can't go wrong with Bench Press / Incline
    Triceps: Have to love skull crushers and Dips --do them at least 3 days after bench...this way you are healed.
    Don't forget your deadlifts and squats bud.
    MRSupps Muscle Research Athlete

  5. I alwayss like to increase the weight each week. If you did 225x4 on bench one week, the next week you have to push yourself and try 235x2 or whatever you can handle just to keep the muscle working. Remember if you stay at the same weight each week your body will get accustomed to it and will have no reason to "grow".

  6. I too have lagging triceps. What I've noticed that helps is to designate a day for triceps alone, or placing triceps with traps and rear delts. I make sure that I haven't trained chest or shoulders recently as well.

    Workouts that I notice the most muscle growth on are:

    DB Extensions (go as heavy as possible to nail 8-10 reps per set) 4 X 10
    Weighted Dips , again heavy as possible to make a working set of 8-10 reps
    Close-grip decline bench press, 4 x 10 (failure on the last two sets)

    High-intensity training, 1-1:30 minute rest between each sets. 3 minutes between each exercise.

  7. Tricep workouts that work best, FOR ME: (mainly because you can utilize the most amount of weight, which is a plus)
    Tricep Pushdowns (machine)
    Skull Crushers -- the god of all tricep workouts.
    MRSupps Muscle Research Athlete

  8. Anybody think reverse grip stuff like reverse grip skull crushers help get more of a horseshoe on you tricep?

  9. Lift Heavy and lift often. Go PAST your comfort zone with each set. Try to push for extra reps each set. That's where the champions are made. The PAIN is the name of the game.


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