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  1. Quote Originally Posted by fueledpassion
    Show some respect. No one was helping him on the topic of best steroids for muscle retention instead everyone was being critical so I gave him some input that is a little more realistic to talk about, like which steroids have been more effective for me.
    Sure, if I stated that Masteron is a good quality steroid for muscle building and retention I'd be wrong....but I didnt say that. If you had shown me some respect and asked for clarification, I would have never taken it even this far in the first place. I would have answered the question and moved on which is what I'm doing right now. I wish I could say I appreciated ur disrespect but I dont.

    BTW, DBol isnt a good option for muscle retention after a cycle. It could possibly be the worst option of them all according to the OP's question. With that said, I've talked enough and I hope we can put this behind us.
    ^^^^^^ giggity. When I get to a pc you will be repped sir

  2. Lots of Test + Anadrol + Tren = 4-5 weeks
    Then 10 weeks of Primo and Test to solidify gains. Primo gains are fairly easy to keep.

    But, like anything opinions differ. Bodies differ, and everyone will have something different to say.
    The above is what at this stage would be best for me.
    MRSupps Muscle Research Athlete

  3. Quote Originally Posted by wheeliegsxr View Post
    but again who ****in cares about your favorites.... captain obvious would tell you, he asked about muscle building and thats not one anybody would chose when bulking up. (this is my point again) its ok to be wrong sometimes dont cry or anything
    I really do hope this joker was kidding! what an arrogant twat!

    For myself whenever trying to bulk test is of course king. In conjunction primo is also run! and whenever primo is too damn expensive guess where i turn, mast. Mast has much potential in the way of keepable gains!! It runs very well for cutting but has immense potential for slow and steady SUSTAINABLE gains in the long run as well...

  4. its not a ridiculous question, it just really relative. i would reckon that the most popular and used of all time are just test, dbol, deca. but as to what is the best it varies from person to person. but with those 3 i doubt many people get disappointed. dbol was arnolds favorite, breakfast of champions

  5. Best overall steroids according to pros is primobolan depot slow gains minimal sides and very pure IMO just alone it takes forever. Tren Ace is strong and hard on the body not for newbies or inexperience people.

  6. You can't put a title out there like this and not expect to get sarcasm. use your resources. There are plenty of sites on the internet for this stuff. You don't want to put anything in YOUR body just because someone on a board tells you to. Research the stuff for yourself and read up. You only get one body, make sure you take care of it


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