Muscular Development with The Hulk(Lou Ferrigno on the cover)

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    Can't find any recent pics of the dude, but based on the topic of the thread I'm sure that would stand true.
    Supposedly the cover of MD with him on it is current.

  2. Quote Originally Posted by prld2gr8ns

    After a certain age, we should all be allowed to eat it like skittles.
    I'll stick to injecting

  3. Lou looks better than Arnold lol

  4. sylvester in rambo 4 he got so fkn big lol

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Newtonselite
    hahaha u got me watching ol skool vids on you tube now T-bone (Getting these really big urges to eat dbol like skittles and drink tons of milk) lmao
    YouTube Link:
    Have to make this part of my preworkout!
    PEScience Representative

  6. talkin about arnie - sly ect got me thinking about the new expendables 2 movie coming out! Well it seems terry crews training regime for the moive is working out well for him

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