before I delete this acct..I just want to say....

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    I highly recommend that everyone get a listen to the AM 9th Anniversary Interview on SHR.

    SHR 10/3 Anabolic Minds Celebrates Their 9th Anniversary

    Contrary to popular (or unpopular) belief we are not a steroid board. There has been serious consideration to eliminating the entire anabolic section.

    Juicers are always trouble.
    A nice history of AM

  2. Quote Originally Posted by shockey44
    Was he confused or just stupid? You go to PM if you want to talk about gear, you come to AM if you want to talk about every other element that makes a BB successful, and it is more than just gear! It is only a matter of time before Big A ends up in the slammer down under anyway. That is inevitable. Not an "if" but a "when". Although many people think he is an informant anyway, so maybe that's why the site still exists?!
    I'm quite sure with all the business Big A has with the sponsors he'd be pretty well dead by now if that were the case ...
    True story:

    I give a f**K!!

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  5. The post was removed but I can only imagine what he said.


  6. 11/23 Never Forget
    You will be missed


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