Ok my first cycle consisted of test enth for 12 wks and went smooth. Right now I am 5'10, 10% bf, and 185 pounds. I am trying to plan my next cycle but I'm not sure exactly how to add in the deca and what ancillary drugs to have on hand. I am running a low amount of test because I am gyno prone and don't want the excess water weight. I would also like to run the deca on the lower end to avoid sides. So as of right now my cycle will be:wk 1-10 test 250mg ewwk 8-10 anavar 70mg edwk 1-10 clenbuterol (2wks on, 2wks off throughout)arimidex 0.5mg eodso my question is what is a good way to add in the deca and I already have pramipexol on hand. Will this be good enough for anti-prolactin, or should I get some caber? Also should I run the anti-prolactin throughout or only wait if I get any sides? As I mentioned I am prone to gynoany help and advise is appreciated!