Tren questions

  1. Tren questions

    Hey guys I just started a tren ace and test cypionate cycle (tren a 100mg EOD, cypionate 250mg E5D) exactly 3 weeks ago. after week two I felt it kick in and had good energy for about 3 days. But for the past three or four days my energy has been hit or miss. Either really good or a zombie feeling. That goes for in, and outside of the gym.

    As for results, I've gained 11 pounds with a really heavy diet. Where the pounds went to, I don't know.. I can't really see a difference in my frame, just on the scale. Strength has gone up slowly, but not crazy quick like ive heard tren does. The only real side I have is insomnia like crazy. Its bad some nights, and I sleep like a baby on others.

    So my questions are:
    1. Why is my energy and insomnia so inconsistent? Will it change back to what it was a few days ago? What have you experienced?
    2. How long was it before you guys felt the tren kick in?
    3. Did you guys get the sides before strength and mass?
    4. In what week could you guys tell you were getting bigger?

    Thanks for all your help in advance!

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    First off, I have never taken injectable tren, only oral and transdermal versions. With that being said, if you searched the forums you will notice that lethargy on tren is extremely common, so it's not just you man lol. In my experience (my last being trenazone, which is a transdermal form) I didn't notice much lethargy because I kept my dosage low, but I didnt notice a lack of stamina. Mainly at my dojo where I train in bjj. I could grapple with someone for one round fine, the next it was is if I was having a full body pump and my endurance went down the drain. After being in the research boards for awhile I am confident in saying that the lethargy will continue to be hit or miss, just gotta keep hitting it with everything you got! Because you are using the fast acting tren acetate, the gains normally hit around weeks 2-3 but very depending on each individual, training, and most importantly your diet. I myself when using oral tren and transdermal tren found success in body composition during wek 3, with major strength gains in week 2. Hope that served as some help before some of the upper level members chime in

  3. That really did help some. I appreciate it!

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