Help me

  1. Help me

    Hey I'm six feet tall and weigh 160 I want to bulk up my ultimate dream is to compete but everyone says my genetics won't let me I'm very determined to prove them wrong but I could use some encouragement and advice if any ones had this same experience please let me know

  2. My workout please review

    I do back and biceps monday, warm up with wide grip pull ups two sets then, pulldowns 3 x 6-8 dumbell curls 3 x 6-8 rows 3x6-8 concentrated curls 2x6
    Tuesday chest and tris, rotator cuff warm up2x10 light barbell warm up, shoulders width grip barbell press 3x6-8 incline barbell press 3x6-8, triceps pulldowns with bar 3x6-8, cable flys 3x8, dips 3x6-8
    Wednesday legs and shoulders machine squats and leg press5x6-8 and shoulder raises 5x6-8
    Rhen repeat for thursday friday and Saturday

    give me some advice im open for suggestions

  3. well I'm 5'11 and in 4 years I've gone from 150> 230. I'm bulking right now so I've got some fat, but I can still see the outline of 6 of my abs if i pull down on my skin. That was with 1 test propionate cycle at 500mg for 10 wks. the rest was all natural because I was adamant about having a good natural base.

    What do they mean by 'bad genetics'? are you just a hard gainer? or do you think you're muscles have bad shape? give us a little more info and maybe some pics. I was 210 lbs at 12 years old and dieted to 150 before starting bodybuilding so I have my own problems as well. My fat cells will never go away, but I still do what I can and I have big dreams for myself. It sounds kind of corny, but if there's a will there's a way. If you are determined, come hell or high water, you WILL find ways to get where you want. you have to stay hungry, never feel satisfied with what you have.

  4. if you want advice about exercising I love 5x5's with intensity techniques thrown in, like supersets and drop sets. I do 5 days a week.
    monday- arms, tuesday- legs and abs, wenesday rest, thursday- back, friday-chest, saturday- shoulders and calves.
    but I'm no expert, this is just what I like, everyone's different

  5. I went from about 180 to 200 in about a 3 month span. My workout is Monday's shoulders, Tuesday back an bi's Wednesday legs and abs, rest on Thursday. Friday chest and tri's and hit up some cardio and abs on Saturday



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