BODYPOWER 2011 - May 21st and 22nd!!!

  1. Smile BODYPOWER 2011 - May 21st and 22nd!!!

    Its only a few weeks now until BodyPower 2011 with a LIVE UKBFF National Qualifier at the NEC, Birmingham! You'll also get the opportunity to see;
    Ronnie Coleman
    Jay Cutler
    Dorian Yates
    Dennis Wolf
    Flex Lewis
    Flex Wheeler
    Andy Haman
    Zack Khan
    Roelly Winklaar
    Troy Alves
    Martin Kjelstrom
    Lukas Gabris


    Don't miss out as there will also be;
    Extensive Strength & Conditioning sessions
    A LIVE Healthy Eating Kitchen featuring some of the world's leading nutritional experts
    Boxing, rugby, modelling, strongmen and bodybuilding competitions
    150+ of the world's leading sports nutrition and equipment brands

    In its third year, its a weekend not to be missed. On May 21st and 22nd at the NEC in Birmingham, BodyPower is quite simply the fitness event of 2011.

    Tickets start at 18 - BOOK NOW.

  2. I'm going ! Got my ticket and hotel booked can't wait never been to any kind of bodybuilding show or seminar before.
    Yeaaaa buddy !

  3. i went in2009 , the first show -it was awesome Now its just got better .

    My mistake though i drove there and back a round distance of about 300 miles , so i spent more time in the car than the show.

    i live in the north of england , in a conference/exhibition town , with good road , rail and air going to suggest next year its held here , Not being selfish but it would be more accessible to the scottish population and to those closer to the border , where there is strong bodybuilding /mma/powerlifting support.

    YouTube - ‪Harrogate International Centre‬‏

    YouTube - ‪Harrogates New Exhibition Halls‬‏

  4. I went , was like a kid in a candy shop . Within 5 minutes of getting inside I met Dennis wolf ! And while I was waiting to speak to him Ronnie walked by me with his missus and said hey the magazines don't do them justice , they are HUGE .Also met Lee priest and Evan conyopani ,all really nice guys . Hopefully il be able to go again next year , and Il have a few extra pounds on me by then

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