chest fat

  1. chest fat

    hey gents - getting up in age and im noticing that shedding the fat is getting increasingly harder and harder. Currently i'm sitting @ 220 15%bf (6point calipers)
    i do HIT 2x/week, throwing iron around 2x/week and jitsu/boxing 5x/week.
    most workouts and practices i'll net about a 3lb loss in water weight, usually keep my heart rate 120-160 for the hour or so i'm rolling or whatever.
    my diet is pretty clean, no soda's.

    the area i'm having the hardest part on is the lower-outer pectoral area, i have a little chest fat there and for the life of me cannot target that area enough to shred it down. do i need to just EVISCERATE the **** outta it? i cant imagine that would feel very pleasant! i was hoping this last clen run with MASSIVE amounts of cardio would do it but nopers..

    any secret ninja tips?

  2. Unfortunately, no trick I, or science has come up would be spot specific with fat loss. I'm not even sold on the "first on, last off premise." It appears your cardio output is more than adequate, but your definition of a clean diet may differ from mine or others. IMO I would post your diet and get feedback on that or up HIT to 3x/week.

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