Muscle Implants, Markus Ruhl ?

  1. Muscle Implants, Markus Ruhl ?

    Look at the chest

  2. Interesting. I would think if he had pec implants, he would have been outted by now. I'm going to guess no.
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  3. the way he's sitting in the second picture will naturally flex his chest and push his pecs together, lol. Doubt anyone would train to get size like that to just cave and get implants
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  4. I think he suffered from a pec tear some time ago - thus making the gap between the pecs more evident in the first, more recent, picture

  5. His skin tone in the first pic is disturbing. Lookslike someone smeared shet on his abs.

  6. I'm also assuming he wouldn't be Allowed in these comps if he has plastic pecs:d

  7. doubt he has muscle implants. people also have acused him of using synthol which i could see as more feasible


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