I see no one has authored a new thread for the 2011 FLEX PRO!?

Evan Centopani smashes a former Mr. Olympia, Dexter Jackson - for the win. What an amazing turn of events, this will certainly be a enduring story line of 2011. For some great wrap-up and interview footage, allow me to scour the web for some links to videos I've been watching to let you get up to speed if you missed the 2011 IFBB's Season Opener!

1) Bob and Dennis wrap up the show, discussing competitors the Trojan Evan Centopani Horse HERE

Here's a text wrap-up if you don't want to watch the videos or are viewing this from a cell phone or just don't have headphones and your manager keep walking by HERE.

2) Shawn Ray, who continues to call himself "Sugar" for some odd reason in random videos, is also in a few wrap-up videos and interview for your viewing pleasure... here's one with Jay Cutler AND Evan Centopani HERE.


The final placings were as follows, and might I also say how happy I was with Stan "Rhino" Efferding. BIG FAN! He was dry, thick, and his back/upper body was just PHENOMENALLY dense. If you'd like to see all the pictures of Stan, you can click HERE.

1. Evan Centopani
Pictures of Evan
2. Dexter... sigh... Jackson
3. Fouad Abiad
4. Dennis Wolf (I kind of like this guy, even though he's been a whiner in the past, he just seems to tug at my heart strings for some reason)
Pictures of Dennis
5. Ben Pakulski
Pictures of Ben

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