Mr. Olympia Ronnie Coleman 1999 pictures VS. Jay Cutler 2009, who is better?

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  1. Quote Originally Posted by strategicmove View Post
    That would be great. He was the best! Not sure, though, if he would be able to come in huge, lean, striated, and ripped like in the good ol' days.
    Classic Ronnie one tops him...period!

    "Never trust a b*tch because b*tches be crazy, now get out there and go crush some P***Y!" - Jerry Stiller.

  2. Ronnie is defiantly bigger then Jay. but they are both great champs.

  3. i think cutler has ronnie, i think cutler had everyone on 2009
    ronnies chest looks nasty like he works on it too much
    jay muscles are cut in perfect yet dont look like they have been beat to death
    in health and fitness i believe you should look fuller in comps like this
    wich is why i believe that the older body builders look better like arnold and ferigno ( or however you spell it )
    lol take the weider approach

  4. oh yeah and ronnies abs stand nooo chance in comparison

  5. Coleman takes the front most prominently in the abs & quads. He has better detail & separation in the quads then Jay. Jay has a bigger chest, but Ronnie's is dryer and more striated.

    Back shot goes to Ronnie by means of glutes. Their backs are give & take differences, but Ronnie's glutes are remarkably more pronounced in size & striation then Jay's.

    I didn't look hard enough at hams & calves, but judges love striated glutes (for whatever reason).

  6. Quote Originally Posted by SilentBob187 View Post
    I'm with CC on this one, I prefer the classic look. While I respect the time and dedication the bigs put in today, they're just beyond big.

    Vince Gironda

    Wheels could be a little bigger.
    yeah but i would still be happy with this condition


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