i'm a bit freaked out right now cause my surgery didn't go great. Actually, it's more the recovery that didn't go great.

Particularly, Dedlifter, I read your story about your gynecomastia experience and wanted to know how your chest eventually turned out, in terms of scar tissue underneath etc.

I had surgery 2 months ago, with both hematoma and seroma, and persistent swelling on right side that didn't go down even with the vest.

My right side is still puffed out but it's hard, because of fibrous scars underneath (there was too much fluid and the skin never pressed tight against the skin).

My doctor says it will take time but eventually get flat, i want to know if anyone else had similar complications? Dedlifter I know had seroma - did it lead to fibrous tissue formation?

Has anyone had kenelog injections to deal with the internal scar tissue, or did it get flat on its own? how long did it take to get flat?