BB and shaving.

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    I lol'd. Repped.
    omg lol lol lmao jk lol repped, lol! eww...

  2. Have any of you guys thought or done the Laser hair removal procedure?

  3. damn so im not a man now ? cuz i dont wanna look like a gorrilla.. but anyways i got back and upper arms lasered 2 times each for 450.. i should have to go 8-10 for removal and it barely helped my back upper arm hairs are less dense and stay smooth longer after shaving.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by DT5 View Post
    omg lol lol lmao jk lol repped, lol! eww...

    I'm extremely insecure... and I don't like being laughed at.
    Duly noted.

  5. Huh, I shave because I don't want to look in the mirror and see a hairy bastard looking back, not for anyone else. Guess I just lost my manhood.

  6. I think the primary requirement of shaving your body is that you need to big and/or intimidating.

    small dude with shaved arms and legs = the **** is wrong with that guy? what a queer.
    huge dude with shaved arms and legs = jesus christ, dude must be a bodybuilder.

  7. Nads is da **** it hurts like a mofo around the chest area but for forearms works great hardly any pain after a few times.
  8. Mars1107
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    yeah who cares, its not unmanly to shave your body hair.

    especially if u can get more chicks in doing so.

    to note though, a small percentage of chicks like hair on man in general.

    a lot actually find only chest hair sexy.

    also if u have no hair on your arms, so chicks might think it weird.

    But its not unmanly to shave your hair and it keeps you cool during the summer

  9. Quote Originally Posted by DT5 View Post
    they shave only for comp. if your shaving just because...then your a dweeb. be a man, grow hair
    Nothing manly about being a Werewolf imo mate. I hate my body hair, makes me feel uncomfortable. If I havent shaved my back in 3 weeks, I find it embarassing if my T-shirt isnt high at the back and allows people to see my hairy back.

    Each to their own, if you are happy being hairy (if indeed you are hairy, many dont need to shave as they dont have thick dark body hairs) then good for you.

    On hair laser removal, doesnt appear to work that well. Heck my sister-in-law got the hair above her top lip lasered twice and she isnt really that hairy yet there is still hair there. I would think the results would be poor on a werewolf such as myself.

    Anyways even when it works well, hair laser removal just gets the hair back to the start of their growth cycle, sort of what they were like in puberty. So with all the gear, hormones and peptides it wouldnt take long for them to return to full thickness. Therefore not worth the thousands of doallrs it would cost for chest and back only for them to return in a few months to a year later.

  10. I use a norelco electric body shaver. it's a wet/dry, it has a clipper on the edge, and a screen shaver inthe middle. It wacks the long stuff, and gets it close. my chest is pretty hairy and sensitive when i use straight razor and gel. This works like a charm and i don't get razor burn. I just shave once or twice a week since it's a lot of work staying baby butt smooth every day.

  11. baby oil (shave with it and rub on afterwards)

  12. I wanna walk on stage full of hair and see what happens HAHAHA

  13. I almost cut my nipple off shaving last night, had to tape it back on. Not a pleasant sight.

  14. I've been using Speed Cream for Men, which is made by Nair, I believe. It works very well. I don't have to reuse it for at least a few weeks.


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