trey brewer talks

  1. trey brewer talks

    there is pics of him taht our new but im to tired to put them up right now. maybe tomorrow

    Hello bodybuilding and fitness community, Trey Brewer from team BSN here! It is August 13, 2008 and I am looking and feeling better than ever. I would like to start off by answering the "BIG QUESTION" Did my nutritionist/trainer Daniel Stuckart and I split? The answer is yes. Daniel is a very good friend of mine and an exceptional trainer/nutritionists. Mine and Daniels split was due to conflicting schedules on both parts. I owe Daniel great thanks for all of his help and guidance over the years.
    To answer the next "BIG QUESTIONS" Who is my nutritionists/trainer now? As far as nutritionists go, I went to the best, IFBB Pro Johnny Stewart. As for my trainer, a good friend in my own back yard by the name of ROPEMAN is keeping me on track! "Come on guys!!!" I can't leak out all of my secrets.
    Now I am sure that everyone is curious as to how I am looking and how much I weigh. IFBB Pro Johnny Stewart tested my body fat on August 8, 2008. I weighed 287lbs at 6% body fat. I even took pictures to prove my weight the following day at the gym (292lbs). My diet is strick and my training is on point! I am more focused and more determined than ever to bring the biggest and best Trey Brewer to the stage at National's in Atlanta, GA on November 21, 2008.
    I am very appreciative of all the support and help that my sponser BSN has given me over the years. BSN not only produces the #1 suppliments on the market today but employs some of the best people I have ever met. I cannot thank the BSN athletes, BSN and their staff enough, thank you so much!
    To my fans, get ready baby! This November at Nationals in Atlanta, GA you will see the biggest and best Trey Brewer ever. Thank you for all of the support. See you soon.

    Trey Brewer "The Phenom"
    Team BSN Athlete

  2. Lets see if he can follow up with good results this coming November...

    Best of luck!

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