Sean Allen at the NPC USA's

  1. Sean Allen at the NPC USA's

    Well, this guy was so hyped up at MD and I think in general and he placed a stunning 9th place.

    He was smooth. He also has no legs whatsoever. All upperbody only.

    Trey Brewer will turn pro eventually. Sean Allen will not.

  2. YUP! Go back the the thread where we talked about it before...things got real quiet over at MD when he fukcin lost. Bunch of bandwagon jumpers....

    I think Trey will and hopefully not have those mess of an off-season.

    Sean A. is done, he had a thread saying he was taking a year off...etc etc... blah blah...basically, i quit. haha

  3. haha yeah i noticed. There was some guy that was jocking Sean Allen's nuts really hard after he took 1st in his prior show.

    Sean Allen looks like he dosen't even squat. Just does leg extentions and leg curls. All his mass is in his upperbody, plus I think he's 32 or something. I found it funny how everyone was saying Trey came in looking bad when he was beat, but Sean Allen looked like absolute crap at the USAs.

    Sean can't hang with the pros even if he were to get a pro card. Not with those twiggy legs.

    Once Trey starts winning, those same people will be right back on the Trey Brewer bandwagon.

  4. Ha...terrible.

    Where's Tex at? He was all about big sean allen for a second. i think he brought him up in the other thread we were talking about.
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  5. no offense for sean allen but how old is he? and he still wants to be a pro? i mean i have resoect for him just fir him staying in the game for so long. I really like the way he was hype for a bit. And at the USAs he didnt even come close.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by ReaperX View Post
    lol is that even close to being in shap for a contest? wtf happen.

  7. Trey Brewer is a young guy, plenty of time to improve. Just as long as he doesn't catch the dreaded 'Palumboism' disease and turn himself into a Lowland Gorilla.

  8. I think Sean Allan is 32. I don't know for sure. His appearance did suck though. He should quit. The USAs was seriously a joke.

    Palumbo is a drug abuser.


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