I posted my upcoming plan in the steriod section with no response. My plan is as follows with my question on using Primordial Performance stack at the bottom:

Looking for comments on this and a new PCT I want to try. I am realistic and want to put on 5-10 lbs but would like to lose a couple lbs of Bf in the process. My strength relative to my weight is more important to me than just putting on weight. I will only eat at or slightly above maintenance 2500 to 3000 kcals. I refuse to claim victory by gaining 10-15 lbs and having to lose half of it from fat afterwards. I would rather my weight stay the same and drop 5 pounds of BF netting 5 lbs of LBM than add fat. Hardcore dieting as i get older as well as continuing to practice martial arts is just too much of a PITA and kills my energy level.

Stats 180lbs, BF13% want to be at 9%-10% by mid June

Week1: Epidrol 10mg days 1 & 2 then 20mg, Furazadrol 50mg day 1 & 2 then 100mg

Week2: Epi 30mg, Fuzy 100mg

Week 3: Same

Week 4: Epi 30mg, Fuzy 150mg

Std supps though out: Cycle Support, Whey, BCAA's, Fish oil, Multi, Cissus, Ultra 40 (B vits & Niacin)

Primordial Peformance Test Recovery Stack throughout
EndoAmp, Toco-8, Sustain Alpha
Week 1: day 1-3 120ml Tori, Day 4-7 90ml, PP stack
Week2: Tori 60ml, PP Stack
Week 3: 30ml Tori, PP stack
Week 4: PP stack

Continue support supps possibly change to AI Post Cycle and possibly add creatine to the mix.


Should I wait and start the PP Test stack in week 2 after 1 week of Tori?