Primordial teaser announcement from their forum

  1. Primordial teaser announcement from their forum

    Since this forum isn't seeing much action, and I'm kind of excited to see new products from them....

    Here is a quick teaser for what’s coming January 1st, 2008

    New Products

    · The prefect “man food” complex – w/ growth factors derived from freeze dried egg embryos.

    · A full spectrum tocotrienol/tocopherol complex for cholesterol, hair, testicular health

    · Raw CLA oil for muscle and fat loss

    · Functional Cosmetics

    · And more….

    And this little nugget of info

    Quote Originally Posted by Primordial Perf View Post
    I think our new Phyto-Testoterone should be something to consider. It’s going to be based off Testofen and Methoxyisoflavone, which should be effective for a young guy trying to safely put on a little mass…. Especially coupled with 2gm of protein/lb of body weight.


    Anything else to share on this Pp

  2. Raw CLA oil sounds nice. Call me wired but I LOVE the taste of CLA,lol.
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  3. Quote Originally Posted by Distilled Water View Post
    Raw CLA oil sounds nice. Call me wired but I LOVE the taste of CLA,lol.
    You're weird.

    These products sound nice, but sad to say, isolated growth factors (even protein derived ones) are blanket banned due to stupid IGF law.

  4. Testofen sounds nice!

  5. Can't wait for Toco-8!
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  6. I think the egg embryo stuff is the same thing as another companies youth tissue extract. This is why many suggest eating fresh fertile eggs.


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