Welcome Primordial Performance!

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  1. Welcome Primordial Performance!

    A meesage form our new sponsor:

    "AM members,

    As a new sponsor for AM, Id like to introduce our exclusive product line and extend a special offer available to all AM members.

    Original Dermacrine is a topical “pro-hormone” formula with DHEA & pregnenolone which is designed to increase testosterone and androgens to help strength, stamina, fat burning, recovery, immune system, appetite, ect. It can be used alone as an excellent all-around performance enhancer or to compliment any anabolic steroids cycle.

    Dermacrine Sustain is designed as a more natural alternative to original Dermacrine, which helps stimulate the body’s natural testosterone production with natural anti-estrogens 7,8 benzoflavone and resveratrol. It also offers a significant boost in sex drive and erectile function for most users. Derma Sustain was designed as a testosterone support formula and a “PCT alternative” to Clomid or Nolvadex but without the toxicity and emotional side effects.

    Dermatherm a “full body” topical fat loss cream rather than a “site specific” one. DermaTherm dramatically increases the metabolism by raising the body temp, increasing fat burning enzymes and increasing utilization of fat for energy. Dermatherm also has a very powerful effect on increasing T3 production while being strongly anti-catabolic, making it the perfect tool for preserving muscle mass while burning body fat. Dermatherm is not a diuretic, stimulant or appetite suppressant; rather it is a true “no-gimmick” fat burning theromogenic.

    As a benefit to AM members we are offering a 20% off discount until August 1st. Just enter the coupon code SUPERMVC20% into the promotional code field during check out to receive your discount on any sized order.

    Thank you.

    -Pp "

    For answers to board issues, read the Suggestion and News forum at the bottom of the main page.

  2. Welcome! Looking forward to having you on the boards and trying out the product.
    Recent log:http://anabolicminds.com/forum/supplement-reviews-logs/213350-lean-efx-refined.html

  3. Welcome to Anabolicminds, Primordial!

  4. very nice, been interested since seeing an ad for them, and hearing some good feedback.

    good luck guys.

  5. Thanks guys... glad to be here...


  6. Quote Originally Posted by Primordial Perf View Post
    Thanks guys... glad to be here...

    I'm glad you are officially here now. I wish I had seen this before I placed my order this morning though.

    I used Dermacrine Sustain for 3 months, with one "off period" of a week. I know it works. Now I've just ordered Dermacrine as I have been directed by my doctor to take DHEA and Pregnenolone transdermally as well. I look forward to trying it!

  7. Welcome!

  8. Welcome!

  9. Welcome also!

    Trust in the LORD with all your heart, And lean not on your own understanding; In all your ways acknowledge Him, And He shall direct your paths . Proverbs 3:5-6

  10. Awesome! And welcome!

  11. Welcome.

  12. welcome

  13. welcome.....................

  14. Welcome.

  15. Welcome

  16. Welcome Aboard!

  17. Welcome! I actually ordered your products not too long ago. I look forwards to using them

  18. Interesting products!

  19. Glad to have you hear, welcome aboard!

  20. These products are getting great reviews over at elitefitness:


    Looking forward to trying them!!


  21. BTW - great looking website!!

  22. Wow, very nice to have such an inviting crowd! Much appreciated.


  23. Lets get some FAQ's up there for the prducts!

  24. Quote Originally Posted by TheMyth View Post
    Lets get some FAQ's up there for the prducts!

    K, I'll start: "Can I just drink the DERMACRINE and get the same results?"
    Recent log:http://anabolicminds.com/forum/supplement-reviews-logs/213350-lean-efx-refined.html


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