TRS V2 with pmag

  1. TRS V2 with pmag

    any experience with this for pct vs a serm with bloods? please dont post "get a serm dude" i have one already but may do the trs v2 non gel with bloods to show effectiveness
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  2. subbed. wondering the same. if there's proof a good OTC product like TRS could work in place of a harsh research chem, I'm down.
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  3. There is bloodwork floating around somewhere from a client Eric worked with to recovery from a failed PCT after superdrol, and was able to get him recovered with TRS products. The TRS has changed alot since then for the better. I generally recommend a low dosed serm along side it, but there are many who use the TRS solely and claim success. Hopefully some of those members can chime in.
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