Test Base?

  1. Test Base?

    In the past, I have frequently read that users running certain compounds such as SD or EPI, should also use a test base. At that point in time, Dermacrine was the product of choice but PP no longer makes it. Is there anything in the current Andro Series that is a good test base for a run?
    Training around a jacked up neck.

  2. I think I addressed this in PM, but I will post here so others can see as well.

    We do still make Dermacrine, it is just sold under BPS. Same product, better carrier.

    AndroEnhance would provide a similar benefit to Dermacrine, although the inclusion of 11kt would provide a larger anabolic 'punch,' so it would be more supportive of gains. Dermacrine might be a bit better in the pure libido/mood department, but AndroEnhance should hang there as well.

    Going beyond that, Mass is obviously our flagship "test base"
    Just inject.

  3. Thanks HtS. I went with the Dermacrine/BPS option.
    Training around a jacked up neck.
  4. Thumbs up

    goin with Dermacrine myself in my next stack.
    NP has a great price on it right now too.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by specmike View Post
    Thanks HtS. I went with the Dermacrine/BPS option.

    Not a bad choice, it is a well established product, the new carrier should bring it to a new level.
    Just inject.

  6. I've said before and I'll say it again; I never, ever, do a cycle of any kind without Dermacrine. My protocol since the stuff came out...


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