Still take full dose of AndroLean if adding in AndroEnhance?

  1. Still take full dose of AndroLean if adding in AndroEnhance?

    If I plan on running 8 wks of AndroLean, and adding in AndroEnhance for the final 4. Do I still want to run the full dose of AndroLean considering that adding the AE would effectively be doubling the 11-KT dose? I would assume that the shutdown from this would still be quite minimal correct? A comprehensive OTC PCT run for 8 weeks would suffice correct? I'm definitely intrigued by the AE and would love to throw it in to my ALean run, just trying to see if it's really worth it.

  2. Yes still run full dose Lean.

    Shutdown will still be minimal if you stick to early morning dosing

    The TRS is what we recommend for PCT.
    Just inject.

  3. Thanks HereTo...

    In your you see a real benefit in basically doubling the dose of the 11-KT? I can see the 4-DHEA providng a slight boost of energy, maybe a libido boost, but I doubt that dose of 4-DHEA will do anything for muscle building (Even though the low dose can be made more effective being transdermal). Heard anything from Matt on the beta test of THIS version of AndroEnhance? Basically I just want to know if there's benefit in doubling the 11-KT dose.

  4. The 4 dhea is more so to provide cycle benefits, energy, libido, etc... it seems, in my opinion, to that well, but time will tell. I am currently on Lean and Enhance, but I have other hormones in the picture as well, so I won't state my results as proof. I do believe there is benefit to the increased dosage of 11kt, but also a benefit from the difference in ingestion.
    Just inject.

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