andromass turned wierd

  1. andromass turned wierd

    ok,so i bout 2 bottles maybe in the winter,but only used half of one,i put them in my drawer and might get around to using them in the fall,but i just looked at the pills and there turning white and stuff,i posted a pic,are they still good to take?thanksName:  pic.jpg
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  2. Interesting... I still have AM V2 I haven't used from like a year ago. Their still the exact same color

  3. This is real strange. I'm sure HTS, Ryan or Matt will be in here to sort you out shortly.

    Is it only the outer gel cap that has changed colors? Could just be a moisture issue.

  4. All them have some kind discoloring(the white stuff) some more then others the opened box which is still sealed I can see it to(looking threw the little window in the bottom and turning the bottle)

  5. so both bottles turned this color? ive had AMv3 in my closet since it came out and i can see through the bottle still and it looks like its supposed to. maybe you got a bad batch or they have been exposed to more heat than you think or something. idk man.
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  6. Could be just from heating/cooling. I've seen something similar happen with CLA and was told my CLA was fine.

  7. Yeah both bottles,its not that hot,just reg room temp and stored In a drawer the whole time

  8. Let me look into this for you, I am unfamiliar with this happening.
    Just inject.

  9. Ok thank you

  10. They should be fine, You need to put the bottles through a cooling process. Here is a copy from information on this issue that Eric issued to employees:

    Here is the temperature story -

    85 or higher = Inside liquid melts, but will regain normal consistency once cooled.

    100-115 = Softgels soften, and may stick together, but can be cooled and shaken apart.

    115 or higher = Softgels melt and stick together permanently. Product is still 'safe' but unusable if the softgels cannot be separated once cooled.
    Just inject.

  11. Ok thanks should I just throw them in the fridge till I'm ready to use them?

  12. Quote Originally Posted by Dirty music View Post
    Ok thanks should I just throw them in the fridge till I'm ready to use them?

    Yeah, that should be worth a shot.
    Just inject.


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