WOOOOO Guess who found his way back? + Stack help

  1. WOOOOO Guess who found his way back? + Stack help

    I'm a noob again, not up on all the new stuff.

    I cracked open my stash from its dark hiding place in the kitchen cabinet ever since I got married (I know )

    And found some old PP stuff, don't know if they even make it, because I got it all on a end of run sale last year sometime.''

    I have: 2 bottles of Tbol LV, 1 bottle of TCF-1 LV, 1 bottle of Sustain Alpha (I think) and 1 supress-c

    Going to start an 8 week run as I am going to Cabo in August and want to be all sexy for my wife.

    I was thinking this:

    I have the USP Prime/recreate/anabolic pump/powerful stack as well so I wanted to run the USP stack with turinabol LV and tcf-1.

    Sustian alpha I think is for PCT as is supress-c but I also think supress-c helps with cutting on cycle.


    Also I am well aware I may be thinking competely ass backwards, its been awhile!

    Last cycle I ran was test+deca also lol. Just want to clear out my stash and get the fastest gains I can in the next two months. My body is used to being thrashed so I will be fine runing loads of crap.

    Diet will be chicken breast and fish and ham sandwiches. Bacon/eggs for breakfast sometimes or just greek yogurt. Lots of water.

    Daily sups are optimen, creatine, the PP brand, I have a ton of pink magic from a contest I won but I never figured out if it was snake oil or not.

  2. Personally, I'd run the Turinabol LV solo (with proper support supps, of course) and save the rest for PCT. I'd save the recreate stack for another run by it's self. The suppression of cortisol came up on the PP website yesterday. Some are split on cort suppression while on cycle. I wouldn't want to suppress it on cycle as it has it's own benefits. Let us know what you decide to do, I'd like to follow along.

  3. I made a log in the traiing section, log part. I am running everything but the supress c, I have plenty of other crap for pct, and honestly I dont think the TBOL is going to do much since its not real tbol. I'm taking max dose on the bottle too, although I should really take more, it tastes to bad lol.

  4. I liked PP's Tbol at 90mg.
    Just inject.

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