AndroLean + AndroDrive with CrossFit??

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    :: I'm really kind of lost. Just trying to shred.
    It would be diet dependant, but you could use the hard to preserve a bit of size as you shred.
    Just inject.

  2. Yup I agree ^ AH is where it's at. Extra DHT will help when dieting (libido boost, slight muscle gains), should also boost strength and aid cartilage repair to an extent.

    When I had my shoulder surgery last spring, I read great things about DHT and cartilage repair, so it makes sense that it would be great during a cut and especially for the type of workouts that are rough on the joints.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by thehulk0316
    :: I'm really kind of lost. Just trying to shred.
    As HTS said, it all depends on diet and training.
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  4. Well, I do mainly Crossfit type workouts with west side barbell lifting protocols. Diet-wise I'm a follower of the Paleo diet with minimal dairy, some grassed butter in the morning with my eggs, I eat around 75-125g of carbs a day. My carb intake is usually dictated by my workload both the day before and the day of. My fat intake comes from very few sources: macadamia nuts, avocados, olive oil, grass fed butter and whatever fats are in the protein I eat. That's all folks. My diet and training regimen is pretty good. I have a "loose" meal once a month with a pint of ice cream but it's not a cheat day it's one cheat meal. The only things I can see that is messing up my fat loss is sleep issues and I'm in a high stress environment daily with work. Im borderline neurotic about my sleeping habits i.e. melatonin, natural calm, dark room, no tv or computer before bed. I'm surprised my wife hasn't killed me yet.
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  5. You may need to look into periodization training. Crossfit is fairly intense from the get-go. See if you can incorporate periodization into crossfit, to prevent your body from stalling out while cutting down.

    IF you can't periodize your crossfit workouts, look into ramped cardio which you can do alongside your regular training. The main thing is to constantly and slowly ramp up.

    Your diet is also on point...but you'll have to make a longterm plan as to your macro intake, again to prevent stalling out. Lemme know if you want help with that, I've gotta head out atm


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