Cycle Advice Needed

  1. Cycle Advice Needed

    I'm about to run a cutting cycle. I was planning on running Andro Hard LV and Andro Drive for the first 4 weeks, then adding in Andro Mass--not the latest version, but the one before that--and dropping calories further for another 8 weeks. So, the cycle would be 12 weeks long total. I really want to use up the old Andro Mass and I've heard that some people are using Andro Mass on a cutting cycle with good results.

    However, do you think that a 12 week cycle as outlined above would be excessively suppressive? I have access to all the usual pharmaceutical SERMs, but don't want to bother with HcG. What about Sustain Alpha topical to help mitigate suppression on longer cycles?

    Thanks for any help,


  2. V2 Mass is more suppresive than our current line, but 12 weeks as outlined will be ok in my book, even avoiding the hcg. You can use the Sustain Alpha at night in a 5on2off fashion for the cycle, which should help with suppression. Use the serm and you will recover fine.
    Just inject.

  3. Thanks for the help, HTS


  4. Quote Originally Posted by crowbar46 View Post
    Thanks for the help, HTS

    No problem. Would like to see you log it, but at the least please do share your feedback with us.
    Just inject.

  5. log it!
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