Super-rb dhea ?...

  1. Super-rb dhea ?...

    Super-Rb-DHEA™ (3-beta-undecanoyloxy-5-alpha-androstan-17-one)*

    Is this equal to ..


    Exact same ???

  2. Bump bump need to kno very important

    If both are equal to mg=mg

  3. No it won't equal weight to weight because AndroHard contains the "Super-" which is reference to the ester, which will contribute to weight. Effectiveness wise, Androhard should be more effective on a mg to mg basis.
    Just inject.

  4. Sweet .. Thanks HTS

  5. Quote Originally Posted by GQNemesis View Post
    Sweet .. Thanks HTS
    No problem. If you end up needing something hit me up for a discount.
    Just inject.



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