What to stack with AndroDrive

  1. What to stack with AndroDrive

    I've decided on running 3 caps per day of AndroDrive in the hope that will hasten my recovery from stage 1 adrenal fatigue. But I would also like to stack some form of test booster with it as I don't believe 3 caps a day will bring about any discernible changes to my physique. I would like to restore my cortisol / testosterone ratio and was hoping you chaps could provide some advice on what I could stack with AD to aid my recovery. My thoughts thus far are:

    ATD (already have some) to raise total test
    Lean Xtreme to control cortisol and increase total test
    Athletix Division to increase free test

    What do you guys thinks?

  2. A cort supp would do you well imo, obviously stay away from stims. Of the three you listed I would give LX a go.


  3. I like the idea of LX or Erase.

  4. Thanks guys...that's what I've ordered.

  5. You going to log it?
    Just inject.



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