A special thank you to Matt P.

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    Ppl who do contest prep just dont give away the secrets of what they do that easily lol.

    Awesome transformation that's fantastic.
    Actually I kind of do Read my "Stop screwing up your contest prep" thread on MD forums and PM forums.....I share knowledge and do not keep "too many" secrets

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  2. Quote Originally Posted by MattPorter View Post
    LOL old thread from the dead! I really was amazed by MTAC --- unfortunately he has had some unfortunate luck with his surgery and other issues so we had to cease all contest prep completely.

    I know he will be back strong again soon and we can be even better than before.....that "after" kinda of freaked me out

    Damn, sorry to hear that. I love watching a dedicated person succeed, and that is what he was doing...
    Just inject.

  3. thats terrible
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