Got my new golden capsules in the mail today!

  1. Got my new golden capsules in the mail today!

    woohoo androbulk!

    I'll let you guys know when I start! (probably in 1.5 months sadly )

    I'm considering the option of a second bottle if I can fit it into my budget also...i'll have to hit up a rep for a sweet deal

    What do you think a virgin to anabolic hormones could achieve on 1 bottle ??

  2. I haven't seen logs on solo androbulk yet. I'm on andromass, where as you continue to your cycle, you see gains... Just finished week one and up two pounds almost
    Performax Labs Product Specialist


  3. It will be hard to say what you will gain exactly. If you are fresh to hormones and eating well, you will gain considerable size.
    Just inject.

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