CLA replacement the same as PP brand

  1. CLA replacement the same as PP brand

    I have yet to find anything similar to Primordials Cla. Also nothing comes close to the price I was paying for the Primordial Performance brand. You guys need to reconsider!.

    If anyone can find something that can match this,

    Serving size 2 softgels

    CLA(Conjugated linoleic acid) 2000mg

    Cis-9, Trans-11 Isomer 800mg

    Trans-10, Cis-12 Isomer 800mg

    Well then I would be really happy. Don't forget the price too. It was only $8 and some change for 110 caps.

  2. I did find Sann CLA which is actually a little stronger but of course it is more expensive.

  3. Sup T

    Did CLA ever do anythign discernable for you?

    There seems to be just as much evidence FOR it as AGAINST for fat loss
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  4. This review suggests that CLA is generally useless for fat loss in humans, and the isomer that is usually touted as being so great, t10c12, in humans causes insulin resistance and elevates levels of C-reactive protein, a marker of cardiovascular inflammation and a strong predictor of cardiovascular risk. Sounds like not only is it a waste of money, but potentially dangerous.

    J Lipid Res. 2003 Aug 16 [Epub ahead of print].

    Efficacy and safety of dietary supplements containing conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) for the treatment of obesity-evidence from animal and human studies.

    Larsen TM, Toubro S, Astrup A.

    Dietary supplements containing CLA are widely promoted as weight loss agents available over the counter and via the Internet. In this review we evaluate the efficacy and safety of CLA supplementation based on peer reviewed published results from randomized placebo-controlled human intervention trials lasting more than 4 weeks. We also review findings from experimental studies in animals and studies performed in vitro. Overall, CLA appears to produce loss of fat mass and increase lean tissue mass in rodents, but the results from 13 randomized, controlled short term (<6 months) trials in humans revealed only little evidence to support that CLA reduces body weight or promotes repartitioning of body fat into fat free mass in man. However, from mice and human studies there is increasing evidence that the CLA isomer t10,c12 may produce liver hypertrophy and insulin resistance via a redistribution of fat deposition that resembles lipodystrophy. CLA also decreases the fat content of the milk among lactating women and cows. In conclusion, although CLA may attenuate increases in body weight and body fat in several animal models, CLA isomers sold as dietary supplements does not prove effective as weight loss agents in humans and may actually adversely affect human health.

    Full article available in pdf format free at:
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    "The fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge. Fools despise wisdom & instruction"
    Proverbs 1:7

  5. And what about the studies that showed CLA to reduce insulin sensitivity?The only studies that have ever shown a reduction of insulin sensitivity in humans after CLA supplementation have been from the use of single isomers of CLA. (23,24) As it was explained earlier, an equal mix of the two CLA isomers has been shown to be safe & effective for humans, without posing any risk for decreasing insulin sensitivity. (25) In fact, multiple human studies have shown that a 50/50 mix of the c-9, t-11/t-10, c-12 isomers actually increase insulin sensitivity. (26-28) It's been hypothesized that the two aforementioned CLA isomers have a unique antagonistic relationship, thus preventing any possible negative effect on insulin metabolism when used together in a 50/50 ratio. (24)
    Chalk up another health benefit for CLA!

    What about the studies that say CLA is ineffective for fat loss?
    Take this quote from the 2007 CLA study analysis by Leah D Whigham et al.
    "Our findings indicate that the 10 human studies that showed no statistically significant effect of CLA on fat mass lacked statistical power because the treatment duration was too short, there were too few subjects, or both. For example, based on the average difference in change in fat mass of 0.09 kg/wk between CLA treatment and placebo, the expected difference at 12 wk would be 1.1 kg. Because the average SD for within-individual change in fat mass was 2.6 kg, it is estimated that it would require 44 participants in each group to have an 80% power to detect this change with a P _ 0.05"

  6. You could read the rest in the link I posted.

  7. All very interesting

    I do NOT recall running across a supplement that is riddled with so much controversy.

    It never worked for me and I used copious doses of Tonalin but if it works for you, God bless ya!
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    "The fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge. Fools despise wisdom & instruction"
    Proverbs 1:7

  8. i love CLA. only have taken it from PP though. glad i bought 2 large packs before it was gone. saving it to stack with HGHup and Fat Free in May for my cut. gonna be wicked!
    Performax Labs Product Specialist

  9. I am not familiar with a decent replacement, especially at that price. Unfortunately, the small margin that allowed us to sell it at that price isn't acceptable to most companies.
    Just inject.

  10. thats why PP is boss!
    Performax Labs Product Specialist



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