help with my andro stack

  1. help with my andro stack

    getting ready to start my cycle in a couple weeks I've got andromass, androhardx2, androlean, and androdrive. Im thinking of a couple different variations here is a little background.

    weight: 223
    lifting for about 10 years about 5 years serious
    training is compound lifts 3x a week m w f, i do a routine similar to the starting strength routine and I change somethings around every now n then but always compound lifts as the core

    my goal is to pack on some muscle and shed some body fat I'm around 14% BF would like to get down to around 10-11%. I'm getting married in april and want to look my best here are some things I'm thinking of

    AMx3, AHx3, ALx3, ADx3 for 8 weeks, 4 weeks TRS for PCT or

    AMx6, AHx6 for 4 weeks followed by AHx6, ALx3, ADx3 for 4 weeks, 4 weeks TRS for PCT

    I've got milk thistle and some prostate support to help reduce possible swelling

    this is my first steroid cycle so any input would be helpful

  2. I like the second one more than the first. I generally am a fan of recommending cutting as the first phase of a PH stack, followed by a bulking stage, as a "primer" to the bulk, but diet depending you can do it as you outlined.
    Just inject.

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