When will V3 arrive in the UK?

  1. When will V3 arrive in the UK?

    I live in europe and ordering anabolics from the US is to much of a gamble considering the price range. When will I be able to buy Androbulk from the UK?


  2. I'd be also interested in PP having more than 1 official distributor for EU since current one is 60% more expensive with v2 series compared to price of v3 series at PP's website that offer discounts.

    Getting a list of EU merchants selling v3 would also be something that will increase profit of PP if they choose to offer their products to more EU merchants.

  3. I believe it won't happen until all of the products are released and available. As for more than one distributor, I feel as if the current one is a sole-rights distributor, but I can't confirm that.
    Just inject.

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