What can i expect from the androseries... Hard + Lean (Cutting)

  1. Question What can i expect from the androseries... Hard + Lean (Cutting)

    Hey guys.
    I got 8wks of AH+AL shipping to me whenever they ship.

    Right now i'd say im at about 20-22% Bf (went up a little from thanksgiving)
    By the time they get here im hoping to be around 15-16% (AL ships feb. 1st?)

    Ive been dieting pretty solid for little over a month now and have come down from 255 to 239 as of today.

    If i can get to atleast 15-16% before i start the stack what should i expect from cutting cals/running this stack?
    My expectations are to pack on a decent amount of lean mass - but hit about 10-12% Body fat, more vascularity ( never had veins. but ive always been a big guy 25+% bf, so maybe that'll change at low bf), with hopefully a goal weight of about 215-220.

    Am i expecting too much? too little? about right?

    I know Diet is 80+% and its definitely in check. Just looking for that extra push to really get me looking great.

    I will definitely be logging this with before and after pics,
    As well as what my diet looks like,
    Workouts for the day,
    and any PR's set at the gym.

    Thanks for any input.

  2. You should definitely be able to hit that goal if starting at 15-16%. My suggestion would be to cut calories more than when you cut naturally, you can worry less about muscle loss since the Lean will help preserve it. You should also definitely be able to get some visible vascularity, I would suggest kicking cardio up a notch to help get you there.
    Just inject.

  3. Thanks HeretoStudy

    yeah ill probably be cutting my calories a little bit more when i start the lean just for the preservation properties.
    Cardio atm is looking like:
    20 minutes post workout on workout days
    45-60minutes on non workouts days
    Moderate intensity.

    Really wish it was shipping like, tomorrow.
    But im glad it gives me some time to cut down some more and really let the product shine!

    Can't wait to get a log up as well as before and afters for you guys at PP.

    my goal is 10% BF,
    Lets see if i can hit that with 8wks of AH+AL!

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