1-T Tren Transdermal + Andro Hard LV Cycle

  1. 1-T Tren Transdermal + Andro Hard LV Cycle

    I'm getting ready for a 6 week 1-T Tren/Andro Hard LV cycle. It will be a recomp--that is, with more emphasis on LBM gains than a traditional 'cutting" cycle.

    Anyone see any problems with this cycle? Anything I can do to increase it's effectiveness?

    I also have available:

    1) Epistane
    2) Superdrol--both PP LV version, and others
    3) Phera Plex
    4) "tren" caps
    5) Andro Mass



  2. Looks pretty awesome to me, just depends on the duration of the 1-T Tren, are you going the whole six weeks?
    If my direct and cynical approach bothers you, just ignore it. I'm just saying what you need to hear ;).

  3. That stack should work fairly well with your goals. No need to add anything to it IMO.
    ~ Nothing can kill the Grimace!!

  4. I like it. Any chance you'd log your experience?
    Just inject.

  5. Yes, I'll be doing the 1-T Tren for the whole 6 weeks.

    I'll certainly do a mini-log. So, here's a start:

    I started the 1-T Tren/Andro Hard LV on Wed. of this week (2 days ago); my new training micro cycle started today, Fri. Oct. 28th.

    Starting weight: 250.4

    I'll update as effects become more apparent. Any questions as we go, feel free to ask.

    To give a little background, I've lost 25 lbs. scale weight over my last 12 week training meso cycle. So, I feel like my body needs a break from the caloric restriction. At any rate, adding more LBM will serve to help increase my metabolic rate further, so when I do go back to a more traditional cutting cycle it will be that much more effective. I'll still be looking to minimize any unwanted fat gain on this cycle.


  6. Thanks for logging, look forward to your progression!
    Just inject.

  7. OK, a little update a week into the cycle and new training.

    Wt: 251.2 ; just a 1.2 lb. increase, which, as we all know, could be a daily flutuation in weight.

    However, this is what I'd expect from a recomp. The more interesting information:

    1) This stack hit me hard and fast! i felt shut down within a week pretty solid.

    2) aggression most definitely up! Nothing that I can't handle (as I've done real tren), but yeah I got a little "over heated" a couple of times this week. This has actually surprised me in how closely it seems to resemble real tren. Needless to say, I'm directing that aggression toward the gym!

    3) strength is up--not tremendously--but up. More than that, I have more power and strength to really nail the reps.

    4) muscle hardness is noticible

    5) appetite is way up: I'm eating everything and not gaining weight! So, this tells me that the Androhard and 1-T Tren are increasing my metabolism. This makes sense, as the stronger a steroid interacts with the AR (androgen receptor)--the more strongly it binds to the AR--the greater it's effect on fat loss. This is why Tren is so powerful as a fat loss agent.

    Keep in mind this has all been within THE FIRST WEEK of using the Andro Hard 1-T Tren


  8. Nice update Crowbar. Looks like it's going well for you.
    ~ Nothing can kill the Grimace!!

  9. Happy to see things are going good for you so far!
    Just inject.

  10. subbed, nice update.

    Do you have any prolactin suppression supps on cycle?

    Hows the PCT gonna look?

    Curious, as I have never run tren before lol.
    RecoverBro ELITE

  11. Quote Originally Posted by mattrag View Post
    subbed, nice update.

    Do you have any prolactin suppression supps on cycle?

    Hows the PCT gonna look?

    Curious, as I have never run tren before lol.
    I'm pretty sure it's not real tren. I believe it's Pro-Dienelone. I might be coming into a few bottles of this in the near future, I know someone who is selling their whole stash and has 3-4 bottles

  12. What exactly indicates that you feel shut down?

  13. Quote Originally Posted by hardknock View Post
    What exactly indicates that you feel shut down?
    Haha, well here are a few tell tale signs. Loss of libido, testicular atrophy (balls turn into the size they were when you were 8), difficulty getting/keeping an erection, lethargy from low natural test levels. Those come to mind, HCG and a test base really mitigate these issues but with something like a Tren PH, it will be noticeable no matter what you do. I know this cause I just finished my trenazone run and without transderm and HCG, I would be looking like I was 8 and a lonely man in the sack. Trust me, just like when you are you know you are "on", you know when you are shut down.
    If my direct and cynical approach bothers you, just ignore it. I'm just saying what you need to hear ;).

  14. Yeah, it's going really well; I'm actually surprised by the strength of this stack--not bad at all. I'm glad I have another 2 bottles for a future run.

    The lethargy thing: well at first it was BAD for a few days, but then it seems as if the Andro hardLV has kicked in and it's quite a bit less now--gone, no, but definitely less.

    PCT. Honestly, I'm not all that knocked out by Toremifene. Don't get me wrong, it's effective, however I get just as good of results from tried-and-true Clomid at a much better price. So, PCT will consist, this time, of Toremifene because I have some left to use up, EndoAmp Max (which I use daily, year round), and a specially bioenhanced Methoxy supplement--which I have also begun experimenting with as a year-round non-steroidal anabolic and bridging agent. I have used a much earlier version of this same supplement years ago and liked it very much.


  15. The androhard was the cause of the lethargy, trust me. It will either get better or worse, the higher the dose of AndroHard the worse it gets.
    If my direct and cynical approach bothers you, just ignore it. I'm just saying what you need to hear ;).

  16. Quote Originally Posted by oufinny View Post
    The androhard was the cause of the lethargy, trust me. It will either get better or worse, the higher the dose of AndroHard the worse it gets.
    He is using AndroHard LV, only AndroHard v2 has had reported lethargy. Most used, and still do AndroHard LV/Standodrol for combating lethargy.

    This is why you will see AndroHard v3 be a mix of both forms.
    Just inject.

  17. Yes, I'm using the LV version of Andro Hard.

    OK, soory guys for the lack of updates.

    So, the lethargy thing; well, I thought it was getting better only to find it continually rearing its ugly head! I was using a pure body part split--every day in the gym, one muscle group per workout, short but intense workouts. Well, that's been altered several times in just the first three weeks--I've basically given up on that I'm using a simpler split combined with some full body workouts. I just can't seem to drag my ass to the gym every day!

    I have seen some decent, but not large, strength increases. My current weight is 254.6 Lbs. So, I'm + 4.6 Lbs. in 3 weeks. None of which (or at the most, very little) can be water weight. This is right on track for a recomp. I am looking leaner, and harder, despite frankly getting somewhat--not lazy--but unmotivated.

    The reason I know it's not water weight is because the 1-T Tren did cause a pretty significant increase in blood pressure--to around 144/90. Too high to accept. Now I do have a tendency toward high blood pressure, and with very little cardiovascular conditioning during this cycle, it was going to happen. So, I started taking 1 Avilide tab/day. The Avilide I have is a combo of 150mg of irbesartan (an ACE inhibitor) and 12.5 mg of hydrochlorothiazide (a diuretic). This has worked to keep my blood pressure around 127/78-80. Normally my blood pressure runs around 115-117/70-75.

    My overall impression so far is very mixed to be honest. I'm really not sure the extreme lack of motivation, mental listlessness, overall lack of sex drive, etc. is worth the relatively modest gains I've seen so far. I do like the muscle hardness; and I can tell that my metabolism has been reved up, as I am getting leaner despite relative lack of exercise volume. If the new V3 Andro Drive had been out I would have LOVED to throw that into the mix. I think with a substance that could jack up motivation this cycle could be SO MUCH better!

    A final word on the lethargy. It's really more acccurate--at least for me--to think of it as mental listlessness, or flatness. I've never had the misfortune to suffer from a mental disease, but from descriptions this cycle seems to resemble a form of mild depression, or what I would think it feels like to be on anti-depresents or other such drugs--just kind of unmotivated and "flat". This is, by far, the part of this cycle I have disliked the most--and which, by the way, seems so different from running real gear.


  18. Well, I've decided to do something I've NEVER done before--cut a cycle short! I REALLLy dislike the sides with this cycle relative to any gains. So, I'm going to do a short 2 week PCT followed by another week clean; then I'm going to start back with this cycle:

    1) 1-T Tren
    2) Andro Hard LV
    3) Andro Drive
    4) OEP & Recreate (UPS Labs)
    5) A bioenhanced Methoxy supplement (works MUCH better as an anti-catabolic than as an anabolic)
    6) Argino Carn & Glyco Carn
    7) Green Tea extract

    I'm also dropping the "recomp". I knew better than to screw with a half-ass training cycle--I've never liked the idea of "recomp" cycles, one foot in, one foot out. At least for me that just doesn't work. I end up getting half-ass results--I get neither really lean, nor really muscular/strong.

    So, this will be an all-out hard core cut.

    Phase two will start as soon as I can finnish PCT and get the Andro Drive in my hands. I'm expecting the Andro Drive to be really productive for me, as I saw some of the expected effects with the last Andro Lean--LOVED it!


  19. Look forward to how the Drive helps you out.
    Just inject.


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