Androlean--thinking about trying

  1. Androlean--thinking about trying

    I'm curious and skeptical about this series. However I'm thinking about trying out Lean while I am in my current workout program. I might wait to see if they have another BOGO or it drops in price... But is PCT required or strongly advised w/ this as a stand alone? I've skimmed thru some threads but it would seem not a lot of solo logs.

  2. IMO, i would wait until V3 comes out which should be in about 2 months or maybe even less. As far as PCT, it is required. Although AL is not as hard on your body as other PHs, it still is a PH. PCT for this would be very simple, OCT products that PP carries. Do the TRS stack as PCT. you are able to take a SERM as PCT, but a SERM is not required for AL
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  3. AL is on sale now for 40 bucks!

  4. Quote Originally Posted by ryansm View Post
    AL is on sale now for 40 bucks!
    Yeah now would be the time to give this series a try, low price!

    FYI - To make the most use of AndroLean, you will have to be willing to lower calories sufficiently. The true potential behind this product is providing a mild hormonal base to assist with muscle retention while losing weight in a deficit.
    Just inject.

  5. yeah you cant beat 40 bucks. i would think AL/Epistane stack would be a nice stack
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